about us

Jovia Inc. has been on a mission to create the best software application ecosystem that aims to make busy people's life easier. We started Trip+me™ both web and iPad applications as our first project, improving the way of how travelers plan and organize their trips today. We are passionate about breaking a complex problem into simple steps and creating best product experience for our users.

After traveling more than 1 million miles worldwide, I realized that there was no effective trip planning tool in the marketplace. Pursuing a dream of developing such a tool has been a very exciting journey. Trip+me makes travel, an integral part of my life, more manageable.


Ying Liu

I have done many OEM software projects over years and have always been dreaming about developing a fun and meaningfull application that I will feel the ownership. When Ying approached me and sketched out her travel application idea, I agreed to get on board in a heartbeat. I can not be happier that I am contributing my technical skill to travel, which is what I love to do while I am not programming.


Xiaobin Qi

My happniess comes from hopes. Being a software engineer, I always hope to find most efficient algorithm to enable the complex functions. In my personal life, I hope that I can make great trips to broaden my horizon and see the world outside of "what-else".

What-Else Engineer

Liqun Cheng

I grew up in a beautiful town in northern China. My dream life has always been living a place where the sky is blue without fog and haze, a hill in the backdrop of my house, a creek is running in my backyard. My other dream is to have gourmet trips around the world with my family.


Jun Xiao

A great opportunity came to me when I was still working on my graduation theisis. I became Jovia's first full-time employee. Having been working on the project for more than a year, I learnt from trial and error of designing a complex project. It has been a great journey.

UI/UX Designer

Lance Zhang